New BTTB Heading


Any View Modeling (xVM) - Coming soon a xVM suite of tools based on Coherent Application Manufacturing. xVM provides a development environment based on a View. Views can be UML, IDEF0, COSA, IDEF1, or Code. All are just different Views of the application and all are coherently synchronized. Any change in any view is coherent to all views.

VS Merlot offers custom products based in temporal engineering.

ETL - fully custom extract-translate-load (ETL) application using temporal engineering

Simple Data Parser - we offer a simple data parser that cleans data based on user defined structures.

Learning Data Parser - this parser reverse engineers the data and creates a BNF definition of the data structures that can be used by the ETL application or other custom applications.


To receive PDF documents on VSM products send an email to and explain your project and interest.